June 11-12 2017: Frank Garcia is coming to Denver to instruct two 1-day Competitor/Operator courses.

This is Frank Garcia shooting at World Match XVI.

Classes on June 10 and June 11 in Sedalia, Colorado.  The June 10 class is is Frank's Competitor/Operator course.  The June 11 class is his Advanced Competitor/Operator course. Contact us today to reserve your place in the either or both of the June 10 or 11 classes.
Legendary USPSA and IPSC Champion Frank Garcia will be in Sedalia, CO for his annual pistol course. The classes will be limited to the first 6 shooters to sign up for each two day class. This is an intensive, personal attention competition/operator session by the top coach in the US. 
Go to www.Facebook.com/RampartTraining for more information or contact Dan Predovich at www.danielp458@yahoo.com today.

Cost of the class is $325 per shooter per class day.  Visa, MasterCard, American Express, checks or cash.  You may also register and pay by calling Predovich & Company at 303-791-3000. 


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