Concealed Handgun Permit Class on Saturday, May 18, 2019...

On Saturday, May 18, 2019 we will be hosting our one day CHP class from 9 am to about 4 pm. The morning classroom session will present the legal aspects of concealed carry and use of force. The afternoon session will give attendees the opportunity to shoot on a private shooting area under the guidance of very experienced instructors and professional shooters with significant law enforcement experience. Call Mary Predovich at 303-550-6016 or email her at mapredovich@yahoo.com for information on this great opportunity to learn from the best. Completion of the course will give you a Certificate with which you can apply for a Concealed Handgun Permit.


American Tactical Armed Citizen Shooting Course May 19-20, 2018

Amtac Shooting Responsible Armed Citizen Shooting Course
19-20 May 2018 (Denver CO)
Bill Rapier's website:  http://www.amtacshooting.com/

To sign up for the class:

This course is intended to train responsible armed citizens to better protect themselves, their families and their homes in everyday situations. The course will take you beyond the basics and will instill the cutting edge mindset, tactics and drills necessary to enable you to survive a violent confrontation. The course will include two days of world class pistol shooting instruction involving hours of realistic drills designed to increase your situational awareness and instill confidence in your firearms handling ability. It will cover topics such as mindset, gear selection, proper pistol handling, intro to combatives, pistol draw, shooting, shooting and moving, and basic medical.

ATSI's owner and lead instructor is Bill Rapier. He is recently retired after twenty years in the Navy, where his duty assignments included several years at SEAL Team 3 and over 14 years at Naval Special Warfare Development Group. Positions held include assaulter, breacher, sniper, team leader, troop chief and military working dog department senior enlisted adviser. He has always been an avid shooter and is heavily involved in combatives.

Course details and registration: To Register please email bill@amtacshooting.com or email him for further information.


Kyle Lamb 2017 Pistol Caliber Carbine class...September 6-7, 2017

Kyle Lamb of Viking Tactics 
will be instructing a Carbine Class near Denver on September 6-7, 2017.

Rampart Training is hosting Kyle Lamb of Viking Tactics and Guns and Ammo TV to instruct a two-day Pistol Caliber Carbine Course on September 6 and 7, 2017.  Contact us for more information at danielp458@yahoo.com.
This course is for operators, competitors and those who want to master their carbine.  Class is limited to the first 15 shooters to register.  Individuals must pay at the time of registration.  LE agencies may want a purchase order and we can work with a PO system.  Email us at danielp458@yahoo.com to register.
The two-day class will be held at a private range in Douglas County, south of Denver.
We will have a debriefing session with Kyle at the Predovich residence at the end of day two.  This will give shooters a chance for photo opportunities with Kyle.  Also, Kyle will have some of his books available to autograph.
Watch this blog at http://RampartTraining.com and Facebook page at http://www.facebook.com/ramparttraining for updates.
Let us know today if you want to reserve a place:  danielp458@yahoo.com
Cost of the class is $500 per shooter.  Visa, MasterCard, American Express, checks or cash.  You may register and pay by calling Predovich & Company at 303-791-3000.


Gabe Suarez Red Dot Pistol Class in Denver July 28-30, 2017

Suarez International has been a leader in reality-based pistol and rifle firearms training since 1995. Gabe Suarez started training as a means of bringing professional law enforcement techniques to civilians. "We call our students 'martial civilians' ”.
"Our tribe is made up of those who seek excellence in life; in their families, faith, business, and physical fitness. We train to be ready to apply violent force to any threat, whether a  common thug or an active shooter situation which, in our time, are increasing in number and severity."
"If you seek the type of training that is gritty, real, and combat proven; the type of training that has just one goal - to win the fight - then welcome to the tribe! We have classes all over the USA taught by instructors personally trained and vetted to teach this amazing and modern curriculum."  Visit Gabe's website at www.suarezinternational.com for more information about Gabe, his classes and his custom firearms.
Gabe will be instructing a three day Red Dot Optic/Carry Optic class on July 28, 29 and 30, 2017 at a private range south of Denver.  The facility is about 30 minutes south of Denver and 60 minutes from Denver International Airport.  Lodging is available and is specified on the Suarez website indicated above.  
Gabe's website suggests a minimum of 500 rounds.  I suggest that you bring twice that amount.  Cost of the three day course is $500 and you can register at www.suarezinternational.com.  If you have questions, you can call Dan Predovich at 303-815-2751 or email Dan at danielp458@yahoo.com.  Space in the class is limited so register today.
The range is a well equipped, outdoor, private facility with a covered firing line.  Registrants will be sent specific directions to the range and an equipment list.  We have a limited number of Red Dot equipped pistols that you may rent for the class, but you must reserve those well before the class dates.  Restaurants are within 15 minutes of the range for lunch breaks or you can bring your own lunch.  
See you in July!!!  Dan


Concealed Handgun Permit Class on Sunday, June 25, 2017

Concealed Handgun Permit Class -- On Sunday, June 25th, we will be hosting our one day CHP class from 9 am to about 4 pm. The morning classroom session will present the legal aspects of concealed carry and use of force. The afternoon session will give attendees the opportunity to shoot on a private shooting area under the guidance of very experienced instructors and professional shooters with significant law enforcement experience. Call Mary Predovich at 303-550-6016 for information on this great opportunity to learn from the best.



June 11-12 2017: Frank Garcia is coming to Denver to instruct two 1-day Competitor/Operator courses.

This is Frank Garcia shooting at World Match XVI.

Classes on June 10 and June 11 in Sedalia, Colorado.  The June 10 class is is Frank's Competitor/Operator course.  The June 11 class is his Advanced Competitor/Operator course. Contact us today to reserve your place in the either or both of the June 10 or 11 classes.
Legendary USPSA and IPSC Champion Frank Garcia will be in Sedalia, CO for his annual pistol course. The classes will be limited to the first 6 shooters to sign up for each two day class. This is an intensive, personal attention competition/operator session by the top coach in the US. 
Go to www.Facebook.com/RampartTraining for more information or contact Dan Predovich at www.danielp458@yahoo.com today.

Cost of the class is $325 per shooter per class day.  Visa, MasterCard, American Express, checks or cash.  You may also register and pay by calling Predovich & Company at 303-791-3000. 


Cross Breed Holsters inside the waistband holsters

I've carried a sidearm as a law enforcement officer since the early 1970's in uniform, plain clothes and off duty.  Seldom did I carry using an inside the pants holster.  When I did carry IWB (inside the waist band), it was my Colt .45 auto in an old Milt Sparks "Summer Special".  The advantage with Milt's rig was the metal band within the leather at the top of the holster that kept the mouth of the holster open to receive the reholstered pistol.  Soft IWB holsters required two hands to reholster the pistol...cumbersome.  Imagine trying to control a law enforcement situation while using two hands fumbling to insert your handgun into a soft IWB holster.  The Summer Special was very popular because of this reholstering advantage.
There are problems with the Summer Special that I found over the years.  It was less comfortable than an OWB holster and it "printed" when worn under a light shirt.
For the past few months my holster of choice has been the Cross Breed "Super Tuck Deluxe".  I bought it a few years ago, but never tried it.  It looked ungainly.  A few months ago while digging into my holster stash, I rediscovered it and put it on.  A hundred days plus later it is my favorite concealed carry rig.  It is extremely comfortable and has the advantage that you can tuck your shirt around the inconspicuous belt clips.  Thus your shirt can be tucked in or worn out of the waistband.  It is more comfortable than most of my OWB holsters.  The design is very clever.  A flat leather piece lays flat against your body.  A molded kydex holster is solidly attached to the leather.  Two black metal holster clips are mounted to the leather and clip on your belt.  Photos and details are available at www.crossbreedholsters.comwww.crossbreedholsters.com.
The model I have will fit several guns:  Glock 17, CZ Pro Tek, CZ 75, Glock 23C and other guns of similar shape and size.  They offer several other holsters and I have one of their appendix rigs on order.


Excellent book on Concealed Carry and USACarry.com

The new Gun Digest Book of Concealed Carry by Massad Ayoob is excellent.  I downloaded the electronic version to read while traveling and enjoyed the succinct style.  This is the second edition and expands and updates the first edition.  You can order this at Amazon.com.
An organization for those carry concealed or open is usacarry.com.  Members receive email updates on state carry issues and a good magazine.  The website at usacarry.com is very helpful.


Rampart European IPSC Match Tour

Our tour of the IPSC National Championship matches starts in Cavaillon, France for the three day French National Championship match.   We then fly from Marseilles, France to Vienna, Austria to compete in the Czech Extreme National Czech Republic Championship match.


The Rampart Team Shooting in the European IPSC Championships

This is a video of the 2012 European Extreme Match in the Czech Republic.  
David and Mikayla Phelps, Kimi Wright, Mary Predovich and I are flying to Europe next week to participate in the IPSC French, Czech Republic and German National Championships.  We have be practicing on our range and shooting in local matches to warm up for these big matches.  IPSC has grown exponentially in Europe.  The National matches have 400 to 600 competitors.
The IPSC rules are different from the United States USPSA rules.  We will get into that later.
Folks have asked us to keep our Blog and Facebook Page up to date during our trip.  Fortunately our good friends at Airways 360, Richard and Leslie Allen and David McElyea have offered to help us with this project.
The project is to update www.RampartTraining.com and https://www.facebook.com/RampartTraining
with our travels via photos, video and words.
Our long time business associates and friends Richard Allen and his folks at Airways 360 will introduce themselves.


2013 Area 3 USPSA Championship

Dan is shooting the stage called "Not Quite There" at the USPSA Championship in Grand Island, NE in August. A pulley on the left side pulled with the right hand opened a window to engage a variety of partially concealed targets arrayed from 3 yards to 20 yards away.  Center targets had to be engaged around various obstacles that can't be seen here.  The right side window was a mirror image of the left side.


Match videos and photos on our Facebook page. Go to https://www.facebook.com/RampartTraining?ref=hl

We have not yet posted the videos and photos from our Level II/III class and from some of the major USPSA matches that we attended.  We have a Facebook page for those purposes at https://www.facebook.com/RampartTraining?ref=hl
Please go to that page for the quickest postings of video and photos.  We will post some of the videos on this blog at a later date.  Copy and paste the address below into your browser to go to our Facebook page.



January 2013 Hog Hunt with Bill Wilson on his Ranch

Mikayla and David
Hog Wars

Mary's BIG Feral Hog

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October Hog Hunt with Bill Wilson

We spent a few days with Bill and Joyce Wilson on their Circle WC Ranch in Texas.  Go to www.circlewcranch.com for more information about this great facility.

Before the hunt Bill showed me this Meopta 1-4 telescopic sight installed on one of his AR15 carbines.
I played with it on his carbine shooting range.  I found that it is a very quick-to-acquire optic that has more potential utility than the Eotech that I currently favor on my CQB AR15 platform weapons.  The Meopta is a true one power optic that allows great field of view especially if you shoot with both eyes open.  The illuminated reticle is very crisp and clear.  

I took this 228 pound hog with my Wilson 6.8 SPC II AR15 carbine.  It is equipped with a Trijicon telescopic sight and a Wilson Whisper suppressor.   

I used the Wilson 6.8 SPC II ammunition with the 110 grain bullet.  This round is very effective on these tough hogs.  I used Night Optics D740 after dark. 

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