Gabe Suarez Red Dot Pistol Class in Denver July 28-30, 2017

Suarez International has been a leader in reality-based pistol and rifle firearms training since 1995. Gabe Suarez started training as a means of bringing professional law enforcement techniques to civilians. "We call our students 'martial civilians' ”.
"Our tribe is made up of those who seek excellence in life; in their families, faith, business, and physical fitness. We train to be ready to apply violent force to any threat, whether a  common thug or an active shooter situation which, in our time, are increasing in number and severity."
"If you seek the type of training that is gritty, real, and combat proven; the type of training that has just one goal - to win the fight - then welcome to the tribe! We have classes all over the USA taught by instructors personally trained and vetted to teach this amazing and modern curriculum."  Visit Gabe's website at www.suarezinternational.com for more information about Gabe, his classes and his custom firearms.
Gabe will be instructing a three day Red Dot Optic/Carry Optic class on July 28, 29 and 30, 2017 at a private range south of Denver.  The facility is about 30 minutes south of Denver and 60 minutes from Denver International Airport.  Lodging is available and is specified on the Suarez website indicated above.  
Gabe's website suggests a minimum of 500 rounds.  I suggest that you bring twice that amount.  Cost of the three day course is $500 and you can register at www.suarezinternational.com.  If you have questions, you can call Dan Predovich at 303-815-2751 or email Dan at danielp458@yahoo.com.  Space in the class is limited so register today.
The range is a well equipped, outdoor, private facility with a covered firing line.  Registrants will be sent specific directions to the range and an equipment list.  We have a limited number of Red Dot equipped pistols that you may rent for the class, but you must reserve those well before the class dates.  Restaurants are within 15 minutes of the range for lunch breaks or you can bring your own lunch.  
See you in July!!!  Dan


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