Luke Volkmann

Luke Volkman's new creation for Paul Clark Jr....

"I began with the standard STI carbon frame and slide.  I welded up and machined an additional rail on the forward end of the slide that makes contact and rides along the inside of the frames dust cover. This enhancement makes for twice the bearing surface between the slide and frame and will prolong the tight fit of the parts as the weapon is used. Paul showed me where he wanted a thumb pad or "gas pedal" for forward pressure on the pistol to help fight recoil.  it has to be large enough to be beneficial to the shooter but small enough to allow the weapon to be holstered and drawn from the holster.  I created this pressure pad with another large weld I placed on the frame.  I then machined relief cuts to give the pad more surface area without having the profile of the part to large to holster.
I machined a long set of front cocking serrations to match the STI factory rear serrations on the slide.  I machined lightning cuts along the top radius of the slide and lower two edges of the dust cover on the frame.  I flattened and Fine Serrated the top of the slide between the sights.  For fast target acquisition I machined and fit my .140 wide .125 deep notched Battlehook Sight on to the rear of the slide with a .125x.180 Fiber Optic front post sight.
I replaced the plastic mainspring housing with my machined stock checkered housing.  Fit one of my ultra high profile Grip Safetys.  Fit a ramped Kart .40 caliber match barrel to the pistol with one of my bar stock machined barrel bushings. fit a one piece stainless steel guide rod and Dawson Mag Funnel to the pistol.  NP3 is used on the slide, frame, barrel, bushing, and hammer.  Ion bond is used on the ambi safety, beavertail, slide stop, mainspring housing, and mag-well."  Photos to follow...

The Volkmann Process... Your Masterpiece

The process I use to build your pistol is ideal for a custom 1911.
I truly take the time to fit each part individually to your pistol. There are no assembly lines at Volkmann Precision. All pistols are built one at a time to the customer's specifications. My pistols are hand crafted with a degree of precision unmatched by any other company in the industry. My parts are machined to maximum dimensions, then hand fit for minimal tolerances while providing flawless functioning.

I start by utilizing only the best quality bar stock and hardened steel to craft my components, big and small. My custom frames and slides are CNC cut for extreme precision from an all carbon steel forging then hand fit with small pillar files and lapped with a multitude of abrasive compounds. The larger working parts are then fit and blended into the frame and slide with the help of a vertical mill and special cutters. My CNC machined, hand broached and chambered barrels are cut to precisely mate up with my slides and frames. I fit these premium match barrels by hand along with a 1 to 1 fit Stainless Steel barrel bushing for guaranteed accuracy.

After the pistol is in mechanical order, I unify the parts into one smooth form with a large buffing wheel and then dehorn all edges of the weapon. I disassemble it a second time to further polish out smaller tool marks by hand with an assortment of emery cloth, polishing stones and hand tools. Triggers are then installed, set and tested by hand and measuring gauges. Finally, I engrave logos, model names and serial numbers to the polished parts. Because compression stamping my mark would cause metal strain, all Volkmann markings are etched for a clean and classic look.

Each pistol is extensively test-fired with an assortment of ammunition styles and brands. I test all of my premium magazines with your gun for true reliability. Your pistol is then disassembled into it's single components and individually numbered before being cleaned and prepped for your choice of finish. I apply this timely treatment to the interior and exterior of every part, giving your pistol the best protection against corrosion. When the parts are finished and cured they are personally hand inspected, lubricated and assembled. After the pistol is test-fired a second time it is cleaned and carefully packed up then shipped to your local FFL holder and ready for you to take home....or straight to the range!

At Volkmann Precision I create your one-of-a-kind Masterpiece, one at a time.


"If you know the difference between right and wrong and you own a handgun then; you own a Volkmann Precision"

Tom Perry, Colorado Springs, CO

"I was introduced to the Volkmann line of pistols by a very good customer of mine who is a connoisseur of finely crafted 1911 style of handguns. This customer owned several of Luke’s guns and strongly suggested I contact Luke and include Volkmann pistols in my offerings to others looking for that special handcrafted ‘masterpiece’. Reluctant at first to take on another high end line of 1911’s I took the chance and ordered 4 pistols from Luke. That was one of the best decisions I ever made. The quality was excellent. Fit and finish flawless. Luke offers several high end finishes on his guns that just add to the experience of receiving a custom 1911. The best thing is that when you call Volkmann Precision the phone is answered by Luke
Volkmann. You talk with the man building YOUR gun and it is not a rushed conversation. Luke is a
gifted craftsman and a heck of a nice guy! When you are ready for your next 1911 and want one custom built from start to finish by the man whose name is on the gun I would strongly suggest purchasing a Volkmann Precision. If you are not in the market for a new 1911 but just want your existing pistol customized, refinished, re-barreled, accurized, or made more reliable Luke can do that also. Give him a call and discuss your needs!"

George Talia, Owner "Gunslingers"

"Luke builds the best 1911 I have ever seen, The craftsmanship, appearance, and customer service are incredible. The end result is much more than a magnificent shooter. It is a work of art, and a build experience that is unparrelled in the 1911 industry."

Forum Name - BaddaBing

"I am the owner of the "first" engraved/ blued 1911 Signature Volkmann pistol, which I bought after buying the hard chrome polished slide version of the Signature. I was so impressed with the quality of that chrome gun, and had so much confidence in Luke and his product and customer service that I spent double the money for that second pistol. I have (and still do) own other brands of the government size 1911, but the Volkmann is not only my most consistently accurate, and pleasing to shoot, but the workmanship is the best I have seen, inside and out. I am waiting on my Combat Carry as I write this, and would recommend Luke's pistols to anyone without reservation. He is easy to work with on every interaction, and wants his customers to be happy. I remain an ecstatic Volkmann fan and customer!"

Donald R. Black M.D.

"I met Luke several years ago when he first started making his own custom 1911's. After talking with him and looking over his product, I felt comfortable I was purchasing the best product and service available today!"

Matt Baerren, Littleton, CO

Volkmann Precision
Luke Volkmann

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