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Following many requests by Rampart students and instructors, Mary and I are creating this blog.
I see many former students and folks with whom I have instructed each year and they ask about so-and-so Rampart graduate with whom they have lost track.
Law enforcement officers, military officers and citizens pose many questions about firearms, equipment and defensive tactics that would be beneficial to share with others.
News and developments of interest to the law enforcement, military and firearms communities occur almost daily, but only certain items might be of interest to our Community. We will try to synthesis these developments here and filter the extraneous stuff.
We encourage you to respond, contribute or merely keep in touch. To make comments and publish articles, double click on the white "Members Community" icon at the top left side of the page. Follow the instructions to register as a community member and post articles, comments, photos or video. Email me with any questions at danielp458@yahoo.com.
Dan and Mary Predovich

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