This week on the groundbreaking 'Don't Be a Victim'block on SpikeTV:

If you are grabbed by an attacker from behind, do you know how to get free and to safety? Self-defense expert Shane Pitts will show you easy and effective maneuvers that anyone can learn on 'Practical Tactical'.

Do you know how to train in realistic settings? Ken Hackathorn and Larry Vickers will show you on Beretta's 'Because Lives Depend on It'.

What if you find yourself in a heavily populated department store and someone starts shooting; would you know what to do? Hear the store of the Westroads Mall shooting in 2007 and why Robert Hawkins took the lives of 8 people on 'What If?'

This week on Ruger's 'Conceal & Carry School', hear the harrowing story of Laurie Dishman and how being a rape victim 4 years ago has empowered her to not only be responsible for her own safety, but how she took on Washington.

9/11 changed the way Americans think about terrorist attacks. Do you know the techniques and escape tactics if presented with a threat? The instructors at the Sig Sauer Academy will show you on the 'Sig Sauer School for Survival'.

Muggings happen on a daily basis everywhere in the country. Are you prepared if you're presented with a dangerous situation? On Insight Technologies 'Even the Odds', hear the story of one unassuming secretary who, after being mugged herself, got the proper training and tools necessary in case it ever happened again – and it did!

'Don't Be a Victim' airs Saturdays, 7am-9am Mountain (check local listings for times in your area).

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