Dry Firing by Adam Contos

Firearms skills are built, improved and mastered by frequent repetition.  These skills are perishable.  We suggest that frequency is more important than duration of practice.  Dry fire sessions involving the draw, dry firing and reload three to six times per week combined with a weekly live fire session will be more productive practice than trying to cram all of you practice into the day before the match.  The greater the frequency, the better the performance.
Firearms skills are also more efficiently learned and mastered under the supervision of an instructor who has mastered the skills.  It is difficult if not impossible for you to see what you are doing correctly or incorrectly.  Professional golfers have mastered the game, but they have a coach that can watch the athlete to pick up on small things that can make a big difference in performance.
Train frequently and train smart.

A great way to do dry fire practice is with a shot timer at home. Shot timers can be pricey and are not necessarily owned by all shooters. A great source for a free, home practice shot timer with selectable targets to practice your dry firing on is at this link:
Simply copy and paste it in your browser, set the target selection and par time, turn up the speakers, and practice. Think of how smooth your movements and shot focus will become with a few minutes of practice each day.
Try different variations of dry fire with this timer to mix it up and keep your skills growing.
-pivot drills (start facing any direction away from the target and upon the beep, draw and address
-reloads and magazine exchanges
-position changes on the beep (standing to kneeling or prone, etc.)
-bring a carbine or shotgun in to the game and practice the same with those weapons systems.
Of course, DON'T FORGET TO REMOVE ALL LIVE AMMUNITION FROM THE ROOM!!! No need to buy a new computer monitor during the practice session.
As always, keep your powder dry and magazines loaded!

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