Handgun Selection

I am asked frequently which small gun is the best choice for self defense.  By small gun folks generally mean the J frames series of revolvers or the similar size semi-autos.  I challenge the presumption that a "small gun" should even be considered as a primary defensive choice.  Such small guns are the most difficult handguns to shoot.  Their short sight radius is not conducive to accuracy.  Their small size and light weight drastically increase felt recoil inducing a flinch.  The grip size and frame size of such diminutive sidearms precludes the shooter from acquiring a good hold on the gun.  Sure, they are "cute", but don't count on "cute" to save your life.

Of the polymer choices my current favorite everyday sidearm is the Smith and Wesson M&P series of semi autos.  S&W offers three sizes to suit your needs.  The smallest is a sub compact that has sufficient grip size and sight radius.  It is the smallest sidearm that I would consider for self defense.



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