October Hog Hunt with Bill Wilson

We spent a few days with Bill and Joyce Wilson on their Circle WC Ranch in Texas.  Go to www.circlewcranch.com for more information about this great facility.

Before the hunt Bill showed me this Meopta 1-4 telescopic sight installed on one of his AR15 carbines.
I played with it on his carbine shooting range.  I found that it is a very quick-to-acquire optic that has more potential utility than the Eotech that I currently favor on my CQB AR15 platform weapons.  The Meopta is a true one power optic that allows great field of view especially if you shoot with both eyes open.  The illuminated reticle is very crisp and clear.  

I took this 228 pound hog with my Wilson 6.8 SPC II AR15 carbine.  It is equipped with a Trijicon telescopic sight and a Wilson Whisper suppressor.   

I used the Wilson 6.8 SPC II ammunition with the 110 grain bullet.  This round is very effective on these tough hogs.  I used Night Optics D740 after dark. 

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