The Rampart Team Shooting in the European IPSC Championships

This is a video of the 2012 European Extreme Match in the Czech Republic.  
David and Mikayla Phelps, Kimi Wright, Mary Predovich and I are flying to Europe next week to participate in the IPSC French, Czech Republic and German National Championships.  We have be practicing on our range and shooting in local matches to warm up for these big matches.  IPSC has grown exponentially in Europe.  The National matches have 400 to 600 competitors.
The IPSC rules are different from the United States USPSA rules.  We will get into that later.
Folks have asked us to keep our Blog and Facebook Page up to date during our trip.  Fortunately our good friends at Airways 360, Richard and Leslie Allen and David McElyea have offered to help us with this project.
The project is to update www.RampartTraining.com and https://www.facebook.com/RampartTraining
with our travels via photos, video and words.
Our long time business associates and friends Richard Allen and his folks at Airways 360 will introduce themselves.

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