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I've carried a sidearm as a law enforcement officer since the early 1970's in uniform, plain clothes and off duty.  Seldom did I carry using an inside the pants holster.  When I did carry IWB (inside the waist band), it was my Colt .45 auto in an old Milt Sparks "Summer Special".  The advantage with Milt's rig was the metal band within the leather at the top of the holster that kept the mouth of the holster open to receive the reholstered pistol.  Soft IWB holsters required two hands to reholster the pistol...cumbersome.  Imagine trying to control a law enforcement situation while using two hands fumbling to insert your handgun into a soft IWB holster.  The Summer Special was very popular because of this reholstering advantage.
There are problems with the Summer Special that I found over the years.  It was less comfortable than an OWB holster and it "printed" when worn under a light shirt.
For the past few months my holster of choice has been the Cross Breed "Super Tuck Deluxe".  I bought it a few years ago, but never tried it.  It looked ungainly.  A few months ago while digging into my holster stash, I rediscovered it and put it on.  A hundred days plus later it is my favorite concealed carry rig.  It is extremely comfortable and has the advantage that you can tuck your shirt around the inconspicuous belt clips.  Thus your shirt can be tucked in or worn out of the waistband.  It is more comfortable than most of my OWB holsters.  The design is very clever.  A flat leather piece lays flat against your body.  A molded kydex holster is solidly attached to the leather.  Two black metal holster clips are mounted to the leather and clip on your belt.  Photos and details are available at www.crossbreedholsters.comwww.crossbreedholsters.com.
The model I have will fit several guns:  Glock 17, CZ Pro Tek, CZ 75, Glock 23C and other guns of similar shape and size.  They offer several other holsters and I have one of their appendix rigs on order.

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