Jeff Cooper Range at the Whittington Center

This past week we spent some time fly fishing and exercising our cameras at the Vermejo Park Ranch near Raton, New Mexico. We then visited the NRA Whittington Center also near Raton. The Whittington Center occupies an area of about 52 square miles...a big piece of real estate. It houses some of the largest and longest ranges in the United States...and some very nice cabins for attendees. It is an impressive place.
I have spent hundreds of days teaching there since it was founded. I taught dozens of classes there with my mentor, the late Col. Jeff Cooper.
The Jeff Cooper Memorial Cabin and Range is one of the eastern ranges. When we visited this memorial to Col. Cooper we notice that some improvements could be made to better honor this great man and to make it more useable. It turns out that improvements on this range are not funded by the Whittington Center. We ask anyone who would like to participate in the Jeff Cooper Range improvement to email us (danielp458@yahoo.com) so that we can share the range improvement "want list" for the Jeff Cooper Range. The improvements will be relatively inexpensive. We would like to have folks interested in helping with this project to join Mary and me in a shooting tour of the Whittington Center. The Center is 3 hours from Denver. We plan a variety of shooting activities that will have as their hub the Cooper Rifle Range.


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