Don't Be a Victim is airing this Saturday, January 15th

This week on the groundbreaking ‘Don’t Be a Victim’ block on Spike, if you own a shotgun or rifle for home defense, do you know how to properly maneuver through your home to get to a loved one if terror strikes? Do you know the firearms drill that you should be practicing religiously at the range because your life may depend on it? Tactical firearms instructors Ken Hackathorn and Dan Predovich will show you on Beretta’s, Because Lives Depend On It. Hanover, New Hampshire is one of the safest towns in New England…but what happened one afternoon that changed the town forever? Hear the story of the brutal murders of Half and Suzanne Zantop and why just opening the door to two teenagers cost them their lives, on What If? Owning a business in these economic times is dangerous enough financially, but what happens when criminals target your establishment thirty times in one year? Hear the story of one small business owner who had enough on Insight Technology’s, Even the Odds. Having a laser paired with your firearm is a necessity for any gun owner and we’ll profile the new Smith and Wesson Bodyguard on Predator Stoppers. Sadly, active shooting incidents are on the rise in America. Would you know what to do if you were caught in one of these terrible tragedies? The Sig Sauer School for Survival expert instructors will show you how not to be a victim of these devastating crimes. Do you have a daughter or sister that has moved away from home to a city, all on her own? Is she properly prepared to defend herself if danger comes calling? Then you don’t want to miss this episode of Ruger’s, Conceal & Carry School and hear the story of Lori Petoske, who’s situation will resonate with everyone watching.

Don’t Be a Victim’ airs Saturdays, 9am-11am Eastern (check local listings for times in your area).

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